The Smoker - For BBQ lovers who have a lot of time.

Smokers are special grills that have many fans, especially in the USA and Canada. For a few years now, they have also become increasingly popular in Europe. More and more grill masters are discovering the fascinating world of smoking for themselves and the countless possibilities that a smoker offers! Strictly speaking, the grilled meat is not actually grilled, but rather indirectly cooked or smoked over several hours at a low temperature. Smoker grills consist of a fire box in which flavored smoking chips or pellets are burned, as well as a separate cooking chamber - in this way, refined, smoky aromas can be created that go straight into the food. Smoking is considered to be one of the oldest methods used by mankind to preserve food over a longer period of time. With a smoker you get reproducible results. Real spare ribs, tender pulled pork are just the most famous classics that will inspire you immediately.