The classic charcoal grill

The charcoal grill is the classic par excellence. Make a fire, put meat on it and wait for the delicious roasted aromas to fill your nose. There are different models in different price ranges and equipment. Grilling with charcoal has always been the most popular way of grilling and, in principle, can also be enjoyed with very simple means. A few logs of wood for the fire, meat or sausages and the outdoor cooking experience is ready. Even as children we loved barbecuing around the campfire with sausages and stick bread!

In contrast to gas or electric grills, charcoal grills are initially lit with grill lighters or something similar. You will gradually reach the required temperature through the burning up charcoal. This takes time - but the grilled food also gets its typical smoky taste. The easiest way to create the classic grill flavor is through the charcoal.

Here are a few more tips from me about the charcoal grill
Allow a good half an hour for the preparations and heating up.
Only suitable lighters are used for heating purposes. These can be purchased practically anywhere and are the safest way to fire up the grill. Stay away from fuel and co!
Let the charcoal or briquettes glow until a white layer of ash has formed on the outside.
Make sure that no oily marinades can drip into the embers. Grill trays are a practical solution.
Keep an eye on your grilled food, because the heat that is generated cannot be regulated in a targeted manner.
If you grill for longer, you have to renew the charcoal after about two hours so that the grill performance does not flatten
In general: never leave your grill unattended. Only about an hour after using the grill has the embers cooled down sufficiently so that nothing can happen.
The best way to remove carbon residues is with a brass brush or with crumpled aluminum foil. Burned charcoal is disposed of with the residual waste. Make sure that the coal or briquettes have really run out and that you don't put any embers in the garbage can. (Fire hazard)
Cleans your grill after every use. It is best to use a simple sponge and avoid using aggressive cleaning agents.
The most beautiful piece of food traditionally belongs to the grill master himself!