The gas grill, versatile and modern.

Gas grills are a real alternative to charcoal and electric grills and are available in many designs. The range extends from the small gas grill to take away to the integrable high-end / high-tech integrable gas grill. Today models with several burners and a correspondingly high output are practically standard! The greatest advantage of the gas grill is the quick preparation of the grilled food, because the grill is brought to the desired temperature within a very short time and holds it until the gas bottle is empty. Another plus point of the gas grill is that there is little or no annoying smoke when grilling. Gas grills are easy to clean after use and are quickly ready for the next barbecue. If you miss a smoky grill aroma, you can easily create it on the gas grill with the help of special, flavored wood chips and pellets. Your grilled food is refined with tasty flavors such as hickory or cherry and gets an even better taste.

Here are a few more tips from me about the gas grill
A gas grill is ready for immediate use
The temperature can be precisely regulated and is permanently and constantly available
The precisely adjustable heat offers many advantages, for example long cooking at low temperatures is possible
The food can be cooked precisely
There is almost no smoke and odor development
Small gas grills are connected to special gas cartridges. Larger gas grills are simply connected to a commercially available gas bottle that complies with German standards; these are available in every hardware store with 5 or 11 KG.
My recommendation: Always keep a second gas bottle as a reserve. Personally, I make a lot of long-term dishes such as Cola Belly, Pulled Pork and Co. A 6 hour cooking time consumes a lot of gas. that's why I always have two 11 kg bottles at home.
Grilling with gas is cheaper than grilling with charcoal.
Cleans your gas grill with stainless steel grate after every use. The grill chamber is burned out until there is no more smoke to be seen. Then you clean the grill grate with a brass brush.
Gas grills with a cast iron grate require special cleaning. My tip: leave the leftovers on the cast iron after grilling. The residues act like a natural patina and thus prevent the cast iron from rusting. Before the next grilling, you heat it through so that the residue burns and then clean the grate with a brass brush before placing the food on the grill.
The same applies to gas grills: the most beautiful piece of food traditionally belongs to the grill master!