The type of grill you choose depends primarily on three factors:

- Where will you grill most of the time?
- How often are you going to grill?
- How much time do you take for grilling?

In addition, of course, there is the question of how many friends should be greeted. With a larger grill, you can feed more people at the same time, without long waiting times. It will take longer on a smaller grill. You can grill for fewer people with a large grill, but not for many at the same time with a smaller grill.

That is why the saying goes: “Size can only be replaced by size”.

Since the question of barbecues with charcoal, gas or electric is dividing the nation, I will give you some information about the different types of barbecues and their advantages and disadvantages. But remember, the type of grill is secondary. The result counts!