The first BBQ Bayern spice called "Bavarian Dust".

100% natural raw materials - 100% gluten-free - 100% lactose-free - 100% without flavor enhancers - 100% without fillers - 100% without artificial colors - 100% without separating agents / flow aids - only available in tin cans and aluminum packs to avoid plastic waste also as Refill pack available! 

Developed in Tettenweis/Passau/Bavaria/Germany manufactured in Bibertal/Bavaria/Germany. A real piece of home. The spice goes well with meat, fish and vegetables as a rub or marinade. This spice was developed in collaboration with Stefan Feinle from Feinste Rubs and is now being marketed. During the development it was important to me to avoid 100% flavor enhancers and other fillers, which other manufacturers usually do not do. The quality of the raw materials for my spice was also very important to me, as there is already enough junk on the market. At Feinste Rubs I entered open doors with these wishes and together the “Bavarian Dust” was developed in this way.

I use the Bavarian Dust for meat as a marinade. For this I use 2 tbsp rub and 4 tbsp oil to make a marinade. This is ideal for pickling meat. Loin, belly and Co. get a really ingenious taste. 

Ingredients: Sea salt, horseradish, fenugreek, garlic, celery, pepper, mustard and dill. 

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy value: 825kj, (197kcal); Fat: 2.3g; saturated fatty acids: 0.3g; Carbohydrates: 31.9g; of which sugar: 20.7g; Protein: 9.9g; Salt: 42g