Spices & Rubs from BBQ Bayern
Who does not know it? A spice or rub tastes very good, but if you look at the list of ingredients, there are often ingredients that you don't want or the well-known E numbers. This is also a thorn in my side, as almost all foods only contain additives that the industry needs for production and that sometimes spice up the taste of inferior raw materials. Unfortunately, many in our society only taste these aromatic substances and a natural spice is alien to some. For this reason I decided to develop my own spices and rubs. When developing my spices and rubs, I only use 100% natural raw materials. Adding flavor enhancers or fillers is out of the question for me. All spices and rubs that I develop are honest and pure. Without fillers, without flavor enhancers and whenever possible in organic quality.
A pure spice or a pure rub and you can taste that too.
Together with Stefan Feinle from Feinste Rubs in Bibertal, I develop the BBQ Bavaria Spices. The first BBQ Bavaria spice was also jointly developed.
The "Bavarian Dust" with spicy horseradish and fine dill.

Click here for the "Bavarian Dust"